Human Studies Core

The specific aims of this Core are to provide CURE:DDRC members, trainees, and their collaborators with access to: 1) a quality clinical research unit (CRC) for performance of gastrointestinal (GI) clinical research at a low cost, based at CURE-VA where no similar research unit exists for the study of selected GI disorders; 2) utilization of fully equipped and networked endoscopy medical procedure units (MPU’s) and outpatient CRC’s for GI clinical, physiologic, and translational research studies; 3) teaching of clinical research techniques and consultation about study design, data management, statistical analysis, and routine outcomes of prospective and randomized controlled studies for diagnosis or treatments in GI disorders; 4) tissue or cyst fluid banks and/or HIPAA compliant clinical databases of patients with selected GI diseases (e.g. Barrett’s epithelium, GI hemorrhage, capsule endoscopy-small bowel disorders, GI cancers, pancreatic cysts, mucosal inflammatory diseases- AIDS and IBD, and neuroenteric - functional GI diseases) in collaboration with their PI’s; 5) teaching and consultation about processes of care and analysis in health outcomes research including design of studies, quality of life assessments and instruments, and modeling and cost-effectiveness studies; 6) specialized equipment for GI intra-luminal studies (e.g. capsule endoscopy for small bowel morphology and imaging studies; endoscopic ultrasound for study of GI cancers and tissue acquisition for translational or collaborative research; and Doppler ultrasound probes for endoscopic studies of tissue and GI lesion blood flow).

Human Studies Core Services:

  • Secretory Tests
  • Motility and pH Tests
  • Helicobacter Pylori Tests
  • Videoendoscopy, Biopsy and Histology
  • Specialized Endoscopic Research Procedures
  • Data Management
  • Outcomes Assessments and Biostatistical Consultation
  • CURE CRC Clinic and RN Support
  • Serum Bank of patients with ULCER Hemorrhage
  • Data bases of patients with GI Hemorrhage
  • Visceral sensitivity and autonomic function tests
  • Data base of patients with Neuroenteric Diseases


Contact Information:

Dennis Jensen, MD                        
Human Studies Core Director

Joseph Pisegna, MD
Human Studies Core Co-Director