Olga Vagin, PhD

Assistant Researcher,  Department of Physiology, David Geffen Department of Medicine at UCLA

Dr. Vagin’s research is aimed at identifying the trafficking and sorting signals in the gastric H,K-ATPase. The factors determining trafficking of the gastric H,K-ATPase to the apical membrane remain elusive. In order to identify such determinants in the gastric H,K-ATPase, she is using fusion proteins of YFP and the gastric H,K-ATPase beta-subunit (YFP-beta) and CFP and the gastric H,K-ATPase alpha-subunit (CFP-alpha) expressed in HEK-293 cells. Dr. Vagin found that six of the seven glycosylation sites in the beta-subunit are essential for the plasma membrane delivery of the beta-subunit of the gastric H,K-ATPase. Similar results have been obtained with polarized LLCPK-1 cells, where N-glycosylation deficient mutants were retained intracellularly and, in contrast to the wild type were not found on the apical membrane. Furthermore, Dr Vagin is also determining the intrinsic sorting signals and necessary interacting proteins that enable differential trafficking of an essential transport enzyme, the Na,K-ATPase, to the apical and/or basolateral membranes of normal epithelial cells and those affected by disease. 


Olga Vagin
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