Gordon Ohning, MD,

VA GLAHS-West Los Angeles Healthcare Center

The research interests and activities of Dr. Ohning include:  1) the role of PACAP, gastrin and KGF on the regulation of gastric acid secretion and gastric mucosal proliferation and differentiation using intact and PACAP knock out mice to measure gastric secretion in response to secretagogues and changes in mucosal cell populations; 2) the regulation of the gastrointestinal response to stress using a model for acute and chronic visceral hypersensitivity using a water-avoidance paradigm.  Additional collaborative projects involve determining the role of autonomic nervous system secretagogues in the regulation of the stress response in animal models and human subjects; 3) determining treatment outcomes from endoscopic interventions in patients with severe gastrointestinal hemorrhage using several modalities for treatment and use of an endoscopic doppler probe system for stratifying risk and assessing outcome in patients presenting with gastrointestinal hemorrhage.