Please note the CURE Pilot and Feasibility application mechanism is a two step process. 

1. PFS Call for a letter of intent announced and submitted by the deadline of September 19, 2016
2. The letter of intent will be reviewed and if selected, applicants will be asked to submit a full application.

LETTER of INTENT (One page maximum; 11 point minimum font).  Please send one PDF document to submit to Jacqueline Ismen by September 6, 2016.  The pdf document should include the one page letter of intent and the NIH biosketch. The letter of intent should use the following format:

1) Applicant’s name, academic title, department and division

2) Applicant’s category (see eligibility for the categories):

3) Title of the Pilot and Feasibility Proposal:

4) Proposal hypothesis and a paragraph describing the significance and approach:

5) CURE:DDRCC Cores that will be used:

6) Mentor’s funded research project(s), if the applicant is a junior investigator without independent funding, or of other funded project(s), if the applicant is a senior investigator:

7) How does the proposed project will differ from the funded projects?: