Please follow the instructions below, and send a complete pdf file  document to Pilot and Feasiblity Coordinator Jacqueline Ismen at and Catia Sternini, M.D., Pilot and Feasibility Program Director at by the deadline December 15 ,2018. 

Please include the following as one pdf attachment:

1) CURE Pilot and Feasibility Cover Page

2) Forms and Instructions, please visit this  NIH link for forms and instructions.  Please, specify that the budget should be only for one year. Please include  planned enrollment/inclusion forms for studies involving human subjects/Human tissue. Commonly needed NIH form face page information can be viewed here.

3) NIH biosketch- REVISED

4) the 5 pages length refers to narrative section including specific aims, research strategy, and progress report if application is a second year renewal, and does not include the form pages.

5) Please note, the Human Subjects Protection Section, IRB approvals, waivers, exemptions and the online education certification for the Human Subjects in Research must be submitted with the application. If the IRB approvals are not in place for a proposed study, please indicate with the application.

a. Basic outline for Human Subjects Protections Requirement

b.Supplemental Grant Application Instructions

c. NIH website Human Subjects Protection Guidance

d. Data Safety Monitoring Plan (DSMB) guidelines

6) references 2 pages max

7) Category 1 applications:  The required letter from the mentor should clearly state the source of funds (e.g. title and dates of grants or other funds) to support the full applicant's salary and provide the needed resources for the applicant to perform the proposed research. The letter should also confirm that the applicant's project differs from the mentor own research program and outline the mentor’s role in overseeing the research and guiding the applicant’s career development.

Budget: Awards range up to $40,000/year. Funds may be used for Salary, Supplies and  travel. Travel expenses are allowed, if related to the Pilot and Feasibility project. Please include the budget justification in the NIH format, Page I-33 of the NIH Instructions for using grant applications.

Please note that an ERA Commons ID will be required for CURE/CTSI Pilot and Feasibility Awardees:

To request new eRA Commons accounts or modifications to existing accounts, please send e-mail to OCGA eRA Coordinator, Cindy Gilbert, with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • E-mail address
  • Requested Role(s) - e.g. Principal Investigator, CURE/CTSI Pilot and Feasibility Application

Additional Instructions regarding the PHS 398 Forms:

Face Page:  Please follow the instructions on the face page. OCGA Signature is not required, as this is an internally funded grant. 

Budget: Awards are funded up to $40,000, funds may be used for Salary, Supplies and  travel. Travel expenses are allowed, if related to the Pilot and Feasibility project.

IRB and ARC Approvals:

If awarded, funding will not be released unless appropriate IRB and ARC approvals have been submitted. Please note: UCLA IRB approval will be required if the applications include a human studies component. If studies are conducted at the West Los Angeles  VA, UCLA IRB approval for Human Studies involved in research must be submitted to the program coordinator prior to the release of funds.  UCLA IRB and ARC approval notices must cite the CURE: DDRC and CTSI funding sources.

Every publication reporting data obtained during the period of the PFS/CTSI funding or later publications that benefitted from studies partly supported by the PFS/CTSI awards must cite both CURE:DDRC and CTSI as follows:

Agency Name: NIH/NIDDK
PI of Contract/Grant: J.Enrique Rozengurt, DVM, PhD
Contract/Grant Title: CURE:Digestive Diseases Research Center (intramural award to [insert name] for "[insert PFS title])
Contract/Grant No: NIH DK41301

Agency Name: NIH/National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences
PI of Contract/Grant: Steven Dubinett, MD
Contract/Grant Title: UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute (intramural award to [insert name] for "[insert PFS title])
Contract/Grant No: UL1TR001881

For questions, please contact CURE PFS Coordinator, Jacqueline Ismen at or Catia Sternini, M.D., Program Director, at