CURE Breaking News

This page will include breaking news and information regarding the CURE: Digestive Diseases Research Center. Please see below for news regarding the Center.

November 12, 2012 - A new Program Project Grant (P01) by CURE members is funded!

A highly collaborative, multidisciplinary Program Project Grant (P01) designed to make a significant impact on the investigation of diet and obesity in the promotion of pancreatic cancer has been funded by National Cancer Institute (NCI).

The P01 entitled “Targeting diet-induced promotion of Kras-initiated pancreatic adenocarcinoma” (5-year $7,000,000) was awarded to the Pancreatic Cancer Research Team at UCLA (Drs Eibl, Go, Gukoskaya, Pandol and Rozengurt), all members of CURE: DDRC. A detailed understanding of the mechanisms of action of a typical Western-style diet, rich in fats and calories, on pancreatic cancer development, can form the rationale for biologically-based practices and scientifically-founded dietary recommendations in the prevention of this disease.

The goal is to study the mechanisms, by which a Western-style diet, rich in fats and calories, promotes pancreatic cancer development and to explore interventional, cancer-preventing strategies. Innovative animal and cell culture models and novel concepts strongly supported by a wealth of preliminary data are proposed. A genetically engineered animal model will be utilized that replicates closely our current understanding of the cellular and molecular events leading to pancreatic cancer. The Program is led by experienced pancreatic cancer researchers, who have organized investigative teams to develop highly interactive and synergistic research programs. Individual projects focus on 1) inflammatory processes (Leader: Dr. Guido Eibl), 2) prevention of pancreatic cancer with anti-diabetic agents (Leader: Dr. Enrique Rozengurt), 3) cell death mechanisms in pancreatic carcinogenesis (Leader: Dr. Anna Gukovskaya), and 4) alcohol abuse, metabolic syndrome, and scarring in pancreatic cancer (Leader: Dr. Stephen Pandol).

The program grant is led by Dr Eibl and has administrative support from Dr. Vay Liang W. Go. Successful completion of these studies will have a strong translational impact for rapid implementation to patient care and general health promotion.

August 30, 2012 - We are pleased to announce that a partnership has been forged with CTSI - The Clinical and Translational Science Institute ( ) enabling an enhancement in Pilot and Feasibility Funding.